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Let your skin do the talking

Not everyone is looking to be peeled, scraped or pricked. but are just lookingfor a little pamperng for relaxation; and a little TLC to promote healthy skin.

I have a facial to suit any type of skin and a selection of essential oils to calm

or uplift your mood. Hot towels are used in all my facials to add a little luxury. You and your skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated

Soothing and Hydrating Facial

Suitable for sensitive, dehydrated or sun-drenched skin

A calming facial to restote hydration and clear the skin of dead skin cells;with a wonderful massage for the face and shouders. ending with a

restorative mask. Allow 1 hour.


Brightening Facial

Suitable for dull-lack lustre skin and sundaaged skin conditions

Brighten dull-looking skin with a double exfoliating facial packed withVitamin C and lightening ingredients. All bound together with a relaxig massage and mask. Alllow 1 hour


Clarifying Facial

Suitable for clogged-combination skin types

A deep cleansing facial to clear away build up of dead skin cells that can lead to blocked pores and pimples if neglected. A purifyig mask to detoxify and massage to boost circuation. Allow 1 hour.


Collagen Facial

Suitable for mature and aging skin

A skin-plumping and wrinjle-smoothing facial to reduce the signs of aging, Includes all the reguar cleansing and exfoliaton, a sheet-collagen mask and massage. Allow 75 minutes.


Teenage Facial

Suitable for acne-oily skin types

It is so important to educate our young ones in how to care for their skin. We know that hormones fundamentally play a roll in this skin type-condition however; not many are aware of the double sebaceous glands within the hair follicle and what this means to the health of their skin.

So what does this mean?

Simply, double the amount of sebum secreted which is thicker than that of a singular gland. Because of this the hair which usually acts as a wick drawing the oil onto the surface of the skin is unable to do this adequately. This results in a build up of sebum withi the follicle which becomes inflammed forming pustules, papules and black heads.

Allow 75 minutes for this deep cleansing and exfoliating facial. Incudes a treatment mask with a little educaton thrown in.




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